A new perspective for a new expectation of healthcare.

Today, people have become units of pathology, where it is accepted that symptoms are managed long-term, instead of integrated units of potentiality therefore expected to recover.

We need to remember that our many parts are not separate, BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT, interacting in an intensely intricate relationship, and when one or more of these aspects is distressed, this vital interconnectedness is broken, impacting on our health.

BODY — The Physical Form; inclusive of organs, tissues and systems
MIND — The Realm of Intelligence; inclusive of the intellect, emotions and volition
SPIRIT — The Animating Principle; the withdrawal of which occurs at death

With knowledge of the nature of these living systems whose interactions are fundamental in health and illness processes, a new expectation of more integrated treatment can be met.

There is the risk of creating a society of chronically ill people if patient care is reduced to the modern model of diagnosis and intervention. While intervention as recur is necessary, as is an amublance at the scene of an accident, it is only the first consideration in the healing process – the full recovery of health being the aim. To merely manage symptoms on an ongoing basis is to condemn the patient to ‘life in an ambulance’

THE HIGHLANDS HEALING CONNECTION was founded, over twenty-five years ago, on the belief that it is more worthwhile to devote one’s efforts to the re-establishing of health potential rather than nursing pathlogy. Our goal therefore is to provide treatment that is not only curative but also preventive, and make available effective therapies and products that support this expectation.

We hold a vision of a world where both the science and art of healing are employed in a patient’s best interest, and where “time” is allowed to re-enter the healing equation ~ not just as a measure of minutes as a price-tagged commidity, but as the cocoon within which the aim is a congruent recovery through the re-establishing of the body’s own potential to repair itself. And where ultimately, prevention will take precedence over correction.

PAIN, whether it be physical pain, emotional pain, or mental pain, is the message that energy is trapped in its cycle. Energy ~ like water flowing through a hose ~ has a pathway through which it must continue to move. If this circuit is interrupted ~ if the hose develops a kink ~ and interference to the flow is prolonged, pressure starts to build up behind the blockage. The discomfort caused by this pressure is pain, and pain is the invitation to give the problem our attention.

Unless movement is restored the pressure will increase in its intensity, and being able to withstand only so much of the force that drives the flow forward on its path, one of two things will happen; Either it will reflux and reverse the natural direction intended for it, or it will burse its boundaries ~ both being the way prolonged and resolved pain becomes the forerunner of disease ~ and EASE of the flow of energy resulting in well being; Pain being the UNEASE caused by interference to the momentum behind energy’s flow; and DISEASE, the consequence of energys natural direction having reversed, (the prefix ‘dis’ meaning ‘away from’ or ‘having a reversing force’).

An excerpt taken from ‘An Interconnected Existence’, the first of five books within my work on the birth of a new consciousness, entitled “Where do we go from here?”.